A shout-out to amigos, and the Br*ans do improv

This week the Text Technologies course I co-teach is about to begin Rip, Mix, Feed – Reloaded (feedback welcome), and it occurred to me I got some linktribution and love karma to give out.

Among the things I didn’t blog the past few weeks was a virtual keynote I did with Alan and D’Arcy for the K12 online conference. Due to our schedules, we more or less composed our sections in isolation, which was a real drag as the main reason I agreed to do the thing was to work with my amigos. I think I let that disappointment colour my reaction to the result, which is uneven but not too bad — due mostly to some heroic editing by D’Arcy.

Rip, Mix, Feed Reloaded also draws critically on some absolutely essential work Alan did for his Australian sojourn: Web 2.0 Gems, and 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story. These collections are a staple in everything I do these days, it seems. I feel like we in the edublog community should give Alan a medal or something.

Also figuring heavily in Rip, Mix, Feed – Reloaded is Bryan Alexander. I’ll take this opportunity to play a short clip from the aforementioned K12 keynote. While I was procrastinating about preparing my section, I put out an open call on Twitter asking if anyone wanted to engage in some audio hijinks. To my delight, Bryan volunteered. Obviously, this was improvised, and a first take to boot. But I think this is a fine example Dr. Alexander’s comic gifts:

Original .mov here.

3 thoughts on “A shout-out to amigos, and the Br*ans do improv

  1. That opening was a masterpiece. I can watch it again and again. Give the Br*ans a webby award or something.

    And I dont want no stinkin’ medals, no thanks. Not with all those typos.

    Onward to NV08 when we can jam together!

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