Bags of Gold

Digital Storytelling shared CC by giulia.forsythe

I am looking forward to seeing what form these words will take next… — Jabiz Raisdana

We ripped this off on the improvised first take, fueled by @draggin’s awesome Ukrainian cuisine, @keiramc’s homebrewed ale, and not only did @grantpotter lead the way on guitar, he built those analog synths you hear squawking in the background…

Bags of Gold

We recorded a lot of material that may yet end up on #ds106 radio… what a night, thanks to all.

15 thoughts on “Bags of Gold

  1. I want to get in on that chorus, it sounds unbelievably liberating!!! This is magic , my friends, pure and simple magic. And you don;t need my dumbass to tell you as much.

    DS106 radio needs to happen now!!! POTTER!!!

  2. How many courses have a theme song? In the second week? I know not one thing about remixing music, but I plan to learn now: doing something with this song and adding somehow to my “personal cyberinfrastructure” has officially been added to my list of projects for this class.

    1. I think the theme for #ds106 might still emerge – maybe you’ll produce it?

      I’ve had a lot of fun trying to learn music mixing, without really getting good at it… It can suck up a lot of time, not to mention hard drive space, but I always enjoy playing around. If I can be any help to you in your audio experiments don’t hesitate to be in touch!

  3. I don’t swear much on the internet, because I have been conditioned to believe that some kind of morality police is watching everything I say and do and will some day come and take my things away, but all I can say is, “FUCK YEAH!” That was awesome. I agree with Jim that the chorus will be stuck in my head all day, and yes that is a good thing. A great thing!

    I’m not gonna lie I left that last line in my post in hopes that someone would take my words, (ermmm I mean Gardner’s words) and run with them. That’s just the thing though, isn’t it? Who do ideas belong to once they have been torn down, apart and remixed and spit back out?

    I love the free spirit and ruckus you gave to this idea. Hope next time, maybe I can Skype in.

  4. Really good to know you liked what happened to your poem, as you can probably tell we had a blast making it.

    You’ve been putting a lot of fantastic energy and ideas into ds106, so it’s cool we were able to send a little mojo back your way, or as you put it, keep the flow going

    We’re looking forward to more jams over the next few months, and it might be cool to have an eduglu singer piping in from Indonesia.

  5. Brian, that session was fantastic!

    I still have’t reviewed all the audio that was captured, but Its destined to be a classic. Next up, midi controller madness with @sleslie

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