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Ken Freedman’s playlists as repository of GIFs, synches rhythms

Denee_Petracek_-_Ty_Segall drummer2 mouseketeer_drummer

GIFs as visual analogue to audio loops and samples

The modern Zoopraxiscope

“The zoopraxiscope captured evanescence, replaying tiny moments of everyday life so we could see them in a new way”, notes Clive Thompson, and “the animated GIF lets us stop and ponder a single moment in the stream, to resee something that otherwise would zip by unnoticed.”

gif_strangelove_scott_edit copchew

In sports, common on Twitter for fans to demand a gif of notable moments. They usually get them:

the GIF stands as an uniquely autonomous artifact – who makes them, where do they come from?

gif_dog_steals_sled Guten5555
inherently playful

psychedelicmichaelmcdonald recursive_cursor Bees

something almost illicit (in a 4chan sort of way), immune from copyright, and a means for video in places where video usually does not live (comment threads, avatars, etc…)

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  1. As one who has a bit of a pedestrian interest in the topic of your post, I must commend you on your decision to include Cubby workin’ it out on the skins!

    I only wish I could be there to enjoy your presentation in person.

    Break a leg and don’t forget your daily dose of vitamin V.

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