Make way for da Moose!

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Forest Sciences Centre, originally uploaded by Cyprien.

Some things are so good you just gotta do them three times.

Indeed, for the third year running we are going to crank up the Northern Voice weblog conference, two days of social networking, mirth and mayhem next February 23-24. We’re looking at a similar format to last year (one day self-organized Moose Camping, a second day of panels and presentations), and hopefully we’ll see the same energy and talent that made organizing a third go-round such an irresistable proposition.

One difference with this year’s event is a new location. We’re hosting at the UBC Mothership campus this time, and Cyprien has lined up space in the palatial Forest Sciences Centre (photo above). This is one of the finest learning spaces I’ve ever seen, and I think it will kick the conference into full-on orgiastic overdrive…

If you think you’ll be into making the event happen, I urge (URGE!) you to fill out a short entry on the speaker submission form (deadline November 28)… as ever I hope we can represent the educational community in force and invention.

I suppose I should admit the reason I’m most excited is the prospect of hosting another ceviche party with my edublogger buddies.

6 thoughts on “Make way for da Moose!

  1. I had an amazing time last year and I’m looking forward to the next one. The Forest Sciences Centre looks great! I hadn’t realized that another new UBC building went up when I wasn’t looking!

    What is a “Ceviche” party?….


  2. Patricia, looking forward to seeing you next year!

    D’Arcy, of course I’m thrilled to know you’re coming (we were saving the couche for you until we heard one wy or the other), and if there’s a way we can do a pre-session that people would enjoy I’d love to take a crack at it.

  3. Did you say “ceviche party” Brian??? Do I dare ask whether you mean Peruvian ceviche?

    I most definately need to attend again this winter! 🙂

    Hello to Kiera and Harry…

  4. Anne — be in touch when you know your plans, we’d love to have you, and if we still have space available (we’ve filled up both NV years) you’re more than welcome to crash.

    I don’t know how true we are to ceviche’s Peruvian origins, we learned it in Mexico. But I’d be happy to do some experimenting (based on my ten seconds of research, it doesn’t look that different from what we do now).

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