The ‘sports-industrial complex’ is just the beginning

I’m woefully ignorant of hip-hop culture, so much so that I was unaware of Jay Smooth. That changed shortly after Luke Waltzer linked (via a commentblog and ye shall receive) to this video, which is one of the smartest, funniest and sanest takes on professional sports I have ever heard:

I watched a bunch more of Jay Smooth’s videos last night (like this one and this one), and am pleased to see he has a blog and a Tumblr… and I enjoyed listening to his radio show Underground Railroad as I worked this morning.

Thanks for tuning me in, Luke!

4 thoughts on “The ‘sports-industrial complex’ is just the beginning

  1. My pleasure! He’s a smart, talented dude. This is one of my favorites.

    Re: hip-hop culture and Canada, not that you really asked, but I’ve long been a fan of a couple Canadian rappers, k-os and Shad. Got turned onto them via We Funk Radio out of Montreal, an amazing show… haven’t tuned into it for a while… I’m gonna have to get back to it!

  2. I’ve liked all the Jay Smooth vids I’ve watched, but he really excels in talking strongly but humanely about those delicate issues around race, gender, orientation… He navigates so effortlessly around the stuff that trips up so many people.

    And I appreciate the additional pointers, I will definitely check them out!

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