All you do is do it, do it..

I have long had my misgivings about Edupunk. I know the idea is pure in Jim Groom’s heart, and I have gotten a kick out of seeing how the idea has resonated in unexpected places. But too often the baggage associated with “punk” seemed to overwhelm and distract from what I thought was a fairly simple idea […]

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It happens

We learn via an email from BCNet that the online video company MediaCore has been acquired (by Workday, who seem to be quite the behemoth in the making) and the platform is shutting down. As a result BCNet’s “MSO with MediaCore will no longer be operational.” Bummer. MediaCore looked like a promising option. Particularly because […]

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Breaking off…

Lately I’ve detected a lot of angst about the present state and future of technology and learning in higher ed. I’ve been mulling my own response to this. But it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so for now I will instead address a subject that is less muddled and less subject to emotionally-charged argument overwhelming all […]

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