I rapidly read Thomas King’s The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America. Most reviews of the book have noted how successfuly King’s narrative (he resists the term “history”) manages to recount so many sad and shameful episodes with well-honed irony and frequent dark one-liners. Sometimes the punchlines land more like […]

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Is this Abject enough?

Boring site update: after I noted my intention to nuke my website in order to save it, I received a number of friendly tips and offers. Thanks to Zack (who alerted me to the problem), Clint (who suggested I may have been hit by a Pharmahack), Alan, D’Arcy and Jim. Pat Lockley seemed confident that […]

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Site advisory – reboot required

Greetings. I’ve been advised that this site has been hacked. I don’t think there is anything too horribly dangerous, just some spam links on the top of pages. But having failed miserably in figuring out a surgical approach to fixing the problem, I think I will export my old content, kill the install, then start […]

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