Further confused notes on the absurdities of online privacy in Canada

expose shared CC by Sunghwan Yoon To follow up on my earlier delirious ramble on the futility of trying to make sense of online privacy policy…. An excerpt from Micheal Geist’s column published last Friday, entitled “Time for Canadian privacy regulators to take action on pervasive surveillance” (emphasis added is mine): The extensive U.S. surveillance […]

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How resilient is “open”?

Cliff dwelling – Keet Seel – Kawestima – Navajo National Monument shared CC by Al_HikesAZ I noted the apparent efforts by unknown actors to alter the history of MOOCs on Wikipedia in my previous post. Partially in response, Darren asks “Am I safe in assuming $ has something to do with so many anxious to […]

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Stephen Downes’s recently wrote a post on the great rebranding of MOOCs, arguing “MOOCs were not designed to serve the missions of the elite colleges and universities. They were designed to undermine them, and make those missions obsolete.” It clearly struck a nerve with a lot of people I know, generating a remarkable amount of […]

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Personal, Institutional, Global

The first UBC Wiki shared CC-BY by MrGluSniffer Leigh Blackall offered up some interesting feedback to my previous post on Tina Loo’s Wikipedia work. Lightly edited version: Somehow, I want to understand why the majority of teachers struggle to accept the suggestion to use the wikis in this way. Even in the edtech world – […]

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