Early on, Nancy White introduced our group to the concept of “confusiasm” (confusiasmo), a portmanteau of confusion and enthusiasm. It seemed to resonate with everyone right away, and if I had to choose one word to describe our current state, that would be it.

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Questions for the University of Guelph on its trademark of “OpenED”

Update: about a week after this post, Guelph’s Open Learning and Educational Support website announced “the University of Guelph is taking steps to release the official mark in its entirety.”  Like many other people, I had an emotional response to the news that a community-oriented open education conference (one in its twelfth year of existence) […]

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Open ends?

In the run-up to her keynote for the OER15 Conference —  which I hope to see in person — Sheila MacNeill asks for examples and ideas concerning the “mainstreaming” of OER and open educational practice in higher education. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Sheila ends up addressing the question, following on important questions […]

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A champion of open, triumphant

I’ve had the privilege of knowing many tireless champions of open education, open access, open society and open culture. But when it comes to flat-out relentless activism in the service of open, I have never encountered anyone who pursues it with the single-minded and uncompromising dedication displayed by Dexter the dogster. Dexter’s focus is quite […]

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