“When I’m drivin’ free, the world’s my home” …more on going mobile.

Photo by drp @import url(http://skreemr.com/styles/embed.css); The Who – Going mobile Found at skreemr.com Dec 2, 2008 UPDATE: Added link to João Fernandes’ blog. Ever since I acquired a certain much-hyped fetish object, I’ve accepted on some sort of instinctive level that mobile is indeed the future of personal computing. Along those lines, I’ve been struggling […]

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A super trifecta from Bavaman

Jim "I’ve got your children" Groom – Edupunk Posterboy, originally uploaded by bionicteaching. Three recent triumphs by everybody’s favorite edupunker Jim Groom that merit some shout-outs: I was on an airplane when the recent NMC Online Conference in Second Life session with Jim and Tom Woodward went down, and while I feel very fortunate to […]

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