Jim Groom invited me to crash the party on a position paper that he is writing. We were asked to “address pressing issues”, and to offer “examples of current educational designs, models, and formats that push the boundaries of higher education.” As the draft below indicates, I’m pretty far from a writing headspace these days, […]

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Privacy in a Big Data Post-Privacy World

It’s always a pleasure to participate in a workshop hosted by BC’s Educational Technology Users Group. This year’s event did not disappoint, and I had the pleasure of attending provocative and thoughtful sessions on maker culture, open educational practice, portfolios, and OER. I’m always struck by how carefully facilitators and speakers prepare their sessions, and […]

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Further confused notes on the absurdities of online privacy in Canada

expose shared CC by Sunghwan Yoon To follow up on my earlier delirious ramble on the futility of trying to make sense of online privacy policy…. An excerpt from Micheal Geist’s column published last Friday, entitled “Time for Canadian privacy regulators to take action on pervasive surveillance” (emphasis added is mine): The extensive U.S. surveillance […]

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