Further confused notes on the absurdities of online privacy in Canada

expose shared CC by Sunghwan Yoon To follow up on my earlier delirious ramble on the futility of trying to make sense of online privacy policy…. An excerpt from Micheal Geist’s column published last Friday, entitled “Time for Canadian privacy regulators to take action on pervasive surveillance” (emphasis added is mine): The extensive U.S. surveillance […]

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Pragmatism, zeal, laziness, freedom

Kap Zeal shared CC by sabeth718 I recently came across a transcript of an interview posted by journalist Adrianne Jeffries. She had just published a worthy examination of the emerging practice of banks mining social networking data to calculate credit scores. In the course of her research, she interviewed noted lawyer and free software advocate […]

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Toward a theory of Disconnectivism

INTRODUCTION: Disconnectivism is driven by the delusion that decisions are made on any basis of reality whatsoever. New information is continually being discarded when it conflicts with dominant interests. The inability to draw distinctions between important and unimportant information drives our collective discourse. The inability to recognize when new information alters the landscape defines how […]

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