No news day?

The image above lists the “must reads” selected by editors of the Toronto Star. And we need professional journalists to protect us from the shabby standards of bloggers, to provide us with experience and judgment in a saturated media environment? Vital to an informed citizenry (cough cough)… If you click the image above, you can […]

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Curators can bring the crazy

For some time, I’ve thought the notion of curation had some relevance as a model for teaching in rich, networked learning environments. An early proponent of this connection was George Siemens (short presentation here on Leigh’s blog). It’s also a role that has been talked about between Keira and myself in terms of how SLAS […]

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Anatomy of a Twitterjacking

I never thought it would be possible, but there’s a show on CBC radio that I actually find funny. WireTap with Jonathan Goldstein is a little uneven, but is definitely a welcome addition to my weekly podcast regimen. I enjoyed the most recent episode, “My Imposter”: a rare but evidently sincere WireTap detour into reality, […]

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