Ken Doctor – Transforming the company’s DNA shared CC by Fräulein Schiller A quick follow-up to my post from earlier this week, which among other things referenced Rupert Murdoch’s entry into the education market… The comments in response were outstanding, and if you haven’t already I suggest you check them out. It’s one of those […]

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Bookmobile shared CC by djsamuelson Lest this blog descend into all doom, all the time… from today’s morning paper: “That’s all I have to do?” Travis asked. “That’s it,” Mr. Silberstein replied. “When you’re done, bring it back, leave it on the bookshelf inside, or give it to someone else to read.” At the Bookmobile, […]

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‘una plataforma de cultura contemporánea’

Estándar describes itself (roughly) as “a platform for contemporary culture that encourages the production, research, dissemination and documentation of different disciplines under a sustainable model of self-determination and social inclusion.” Among their early projects are a couple interesting compilations as curators for the Free Music Archive. I very much enjoyed listening to their first compilation, […]

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