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Lest this blog descend into all doom, all the time… from today’s morning paper:

“That’s all I have to do?” Travis asked.

“That’s it,” Mr. Silberstein replied. “When you’re done, bring it back, leave it on the bookshelf inside, or give it to someone else to read.”

At the Bookmobile, you do not need money, or identification, or an address. All you need is a desire to read. Even if you have nothing, you can always have that. The books are donated and there’s no fine if you don’t return them.

Business was steady.

Paul Stevens, 43, who lives in his van, is an aficionado of whodunits, police procedurals and murder mysteries. He credits reading as an aid to staying sober. He spoke like a poet.

“I pick up a book instead of a bottle,” he said. “Reading instead of relapse.”

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