Today’s Wild Kingdom

Animals getting it on… “You can have the best sperm in the world, but if you are not interested in inseminating females, it is not going to get delivered,” said Anne Perkins, who worked at the sheep station in the early 1990s. She found that 8 to 10 per cent of the rams would shun […]

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Happy Happy 4:20!

Much gratitude to my morning paper alerting me to a significant holiday: It may seem like just another Tuesday, but today — called 4:20 by those in the know — is a high holy day for North America’s dedicated pot smokers. “It’s Pothead New Year’s. That’s what I like to call it, anyway,” said Abi […]

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Underperforming sentences… near-bursting with sublimated rage.

He stalks the land, wielding power with natural ease, authority unquestioned. Infallibility assured. Evidence in reported word and deed. Proof of potency performed by proxy in exotic locales. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, incomprehensible acts proclaim their own irresistible force. Ineptitude is simultaneously real and s(t)imulated. Breakdowns serve a purpose. They confuse the ignorant, occupy […]

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A key endorsement…

“Bush is well on his way to causing the great cataclysm that will mean the end for humanity and the return of the Old Ones,” said Cthulhu at a hastily arranged press conference. “What can I say? I have run my last two elections on the ‘destruction of mankind’ theme, but now the GOP owns […]

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Into the dead zone…

Photo reportage at high speed through the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster area. Alternately provocative, trenchant, amusing and depressing. A simple use of html and digital images that hits more powerfully than scores of more complex and tangled web presentations. Via notes from somewhere bizarre.

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