Big bucks. No whammies.

An astonishing slice of quiz show history… …there was something Michael Larsen hadn’t told anyone. Back in his home state of Ohio, he didn’t have just one television, he had several. Each television was hooked up to a private networking farm of VCRs in his living room. In November of 1983, he recorded every episode […]

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Thanks Naomi…

… for a timely reality check as we see progress from sheer shrieking nutbar delusion, and enter a new phase in which the beginnings of skepticism are driven by self-serving sanctimony: All of the front-runners in the Democratic race borrow the language of pop therapy to discuss the war and the toll it has taken […]

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The new imperial imperative…

“Of course, we are an empire, but we are different,” he says. “Our empire is not defined by territorial ambitions but by ideas. A lot of ideas, like free trade, like democracy, like copyright laws.” Copyright? Was my host really suggesting that we had carried out one of the largest land invasions since World War […]

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Today’s theme…

… comes from Ira Glass, on the subject of work: “There are people who are fundamentally lazy, who only get anything done because they put themselves under dreadful deadline pressure. Those people are all my brothers.” Spotted at thought peach.

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