Glenn Gould: Canuck cut-up

Yeah, he played the piano some. And did some of the coolest avant-garde radio work ever. And he wrote perceptively, even prophetically about technology and culture. But in assessing Gould’s talents and contributions, it’s rare to hear much consideration of him as a comedian. But surely his antic achievements are more significant than allegedly amusing […]

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Many (too many?)… rivers to cross

My Mashup of Mike’s Mashup of My Mashup, originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg. I was preparing for tomorrow’s virtual session with Alan, D’Arcy, and Jim, doing a search on CC-licensed stuff in Flickr tagged with “mashup,” when I came across the image above. It wasn’t quite right for the page I ended up assembling. But I […]

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Glenn Gould gets it

My favorite new media theorist was better known for his work on a piano keyboard. Here’s something he wrote more than forty years ago: One of the certain effects of the electronic age is that it will forever change the values that we attach to art. In fact, the vocabulary of aesthetic criteria that has […]

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