David Wiley Live in Van Rock City!

Ever since I saw him venture out on an Ohio winter’s night in sandals and shirtsleeves without a shiver I’ve suspected David Wiley had some kind of superhuman constitution. Add another tale to the legend — yesterday he gave a closing afternoon keynote in Baton Rouge, flew north and west across the continent through the […]

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RSS is a gateway format…

…or at least this sordid open content pusher can only hope. The first taste is free. And if we do it right, you can continue to feed your info-addiction without coughing up money as well. We presented our session on distributed content networks a couple hours ago. As usual, I have no sense of how […]

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Quickie screencast – distributed content publishing via blogs, RSS, whatever…

My colleague Novak Rogic and I are presenting at the BCNet conference tomorrow on our shared obsession, which though it lacks a snazzy catchphrase essentially comes down to a distributed publishing model. Content is created in whatever environment the author feels most comfortable with — so long as it generates full RSS feeds. Content is […]

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Hockey night after all…

I took a red-eye flight home last night, touching down in Vancouver about 11PM local time, assuming I had missed the Canucks‘ first playoff game in three years. When I emerged from the baggage area and saw the clumps of anxious fans huddled around TVs at the airport bar, my heart began racing with joy, […]

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