Mashup mayhem dead ahead

A quick note to advertise my eager participation in next week’s NMC online Symposium on Mashups. The NMC knows how to do an online event up right, and my own interest in the topic is well-established. Looking forward to lots of learning and more than a few laughs. If you haven’t registered, I hope you […]

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Analog bliss

Analog bliss, originally uploaded by MrGluSniffer. These were the records I acquired during a vinyl shopping expedition with Gardner Campbell (strike that one off my ‘things to do before I die’ list) when he visited Vancouver… As a result, the picks do tend to reflect our shared tastes. Three of these selections are wonderful gifts […]

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Is murder, madness and mayhem the future of higher education?

Central Library Interior #2, originally uploaded by lightgazer. I’ve been following the Murder, Madness and Mayhem project with keen interest since its inception, but have held off on blogging about the efforts beyond my enthusiastic initial impressions. For one, the progress of the project revealed just how little I knew about the Wikipedia review process […]

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Hackety Hack (Don’t Talk Back)

Not only is WFMU my cultural touchstone, it’s my source of tech news too. Off the WFMU Blog is this intriguing reference to Why the Lucky Stiff: Great swaths of deepest geek Japan know him as a core contributor to the programming language known as Ruby. There are various cultural camps that gather around various […]

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