Analog bliss

Analog bliss, originally uploaded by MrGluSniffer.

These were the records I acquired during a vinyl shopping expedition with Gardner Campbell (strike that one off my ‘things to do before I die’ list) when he visited Vancouver… As a result, the picks do tend to reflect our shared tastes. Three of these selections are wonderful gifts from Dr. Glu… Oh, I do loves it when somebody gives the gift of snazzy vinyl.

Total cost for all this: about what you might pay for two, maybe three puny CDs.

If you visit the Flickr photo page, you can use the mouse-over notes feature for more info and music samples.

7 thoughts on “Analog bliss

  1. You sure do deserve a hard time for your soft spot for ELO! And Mike Oldfield!

    (Though I myself do have room in my heart for Mott the Hoople.)

    The problem with a vinyl fixation is that you’re almost inevitably stuck in the 70s. Where are the sideburns, Brian? Where will it all end?

  2. Yes! XTC’s English Settlement. The album that turned me into a huge fan. Some of the most clever lyrics from Mr. Partridge. A great example is “No Thugs in our House”, a cautionary tale about parenting 😉


  3. Andy, that is a great record. I’m a bit ashamed we didn’t already have it. Mr. Partridge is a first rate lyricist. Here’s hoping his hearing comes back in some meaningful way…

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