Speaking Back

I find myself in the enchanting city of Barcelona for Pushing the boundaries of Higher Education: challenging traditional models with innovative and creative practices. As I type this, it is very likely that the event will not go as planned, and it may not go at all… The effects of the Catalan independence referendum may […]

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Breaking the Band

These years in Kamloops, I have been so lucky to regularly jam with Breaking Band in The Bassment — thank you David and Ronda Olds for being in the band and hosting us so luxuriously. The band is turning a page as our guitar player Irwin won’t be living in Kamloops because he’s moving on […]

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Jim Groom invited me to crash the party on a position paper that he is writing. We were asked to “address pressing issues”, and to offer “examples of current educational designs, models, and formats that push the boundaries of higher education.” As the draft below indicates, I’m pretty far from a writing headspace these days, […]

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Thrill Ride

It is evident that if an experience is extra-fun or especially if it is meaningful I will probably not blog about it… A memorable stretch in the UK for OER17 and more is the most recent example. And there is every chance I will never properly capture what I dug about this past week at […]

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Ken Lamb

Life has a way of smacking you when you least expect it. I was worried when my Dad underwent knee replacement surgery, then relieved to learn that it had gone well and he had been discharged from hospital. That night in the hotel, he had a massive stroke. Harry and I barely made it in […]

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