For some at my university, the spring break is here. For us, not so much. Our Winter 2021 semester rolled straight into Spring/Summer session, still almost entirely taught virtually. Like many of you, we definitely wear the scars of the past year, and we are under no illusions that the anticipated return to campus in […]

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Temperature Check

I have been wanting to write an “update” post for some time, but with so much going down, I didn’t know where to begin. So when Anne-Marie Scott suggested we do a follow-up on our OER20 conversations from last March about the OpenETC, I was grateful. It’s always fun, stimulating and rewarding to talk with […]

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Hot 2020 Digital Detox Action

As 2020 kicks in, it’s not hard to find expressions of toxicity in the digital wonderland. Audrey Watters’s epic “100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade”, is a lot to digest even for longtime readers of her work. But if you haven’t read it… damn it, go. Now. And just yesterday, Google’s former Head of […]

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