Triggers for experience

For “art works”, we might substitute “content”, or “educational resources”. Via the mighty BAVATUMBLR, on the occasion of Brian Eno’s birthday. I know we’re supposed to revere Eno for his contribution to ambient art, but my warmest feelings are reserved for his earlier glam pop stuff: I also like this interview very much.

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Abuse Cage

J Cage – tapa shared CC by maulurizen I was sent this fantastic video by my friend and TRU co-conspirator Irwin: It took me a while to place the voice, but of course it’s John Cage. I’m reminded of a day more than a decade ago, when I was working as a “course development researcher” […]

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Shark envy

More Paul Lake gif-fy goodness from the Noise Professor¬†(following up on Keira and the shark): Harry was delighted to see this (only a day after he ambushed me with that snowball), as you might have guessed: It didn’t take long for Zack to run through that opening: Dexter is Jealous shared CC by NoiseProfessor Update: […]

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