Shark envy

More Paul Lake gif-fy goodness from the Noise Professor (following up on Keira and the shark):


Harry was delighted to see this (only a day after he ambushed me with that snowball), as you might have guessed:


It didn’t take long for Zack to run through that opening:

Dexter is Jealous shared CC by NoiseProfessor

Update: Suppose it was only a matter of time until this thing jumped the shark. (Thanks D’Arcy.)

Update 2: D’Arcy’s pic and a jumping shark response from the Noise Professor below the jump…

Update 3: Also below the jump… The CogDog joins in with a Fonzazack of his own. And @keiramc gets Dex’s take on all this… it’s as worked up as I’ve seen him in some time.

Update 4: One more added down below, this one from Hatchet Jack.






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