The Moose is hunting for talent

Once again, the Northern Voice juggernaut is cranking into action. Canada’s first blogging social media conference is back for its seventh eighth(!) year. And [gasp], I’ve been lucky enough to have been one of the organizers the whole time. A catchphrase comes to mind… A few significant changes this year. For the first time, we […]

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Everything Counts

OK, that last post is a little heavy, with a weekend impending I feel the need to toss in some gratuitous levity and wonder. This has so many irresistible elements: groovy sounds, low-and-high-tech Rube Goldbergian cleverness, Latino cool, insanely cute kids. It’s also the first time I can recall liking the sounds of a recorder! […]

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Just follow the crumbs (journey into incredible open educational content architecture)

On those many occasions when petty discouragements threaten to send me into a tailspin of recrimination and despair, I turn to a remedy that nearly always sets me right. I merely have to glance at the “Recent Changes” index on the UBC Wiki to be surprised and heartened by how people at our university are […]

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