The Moose is hunting for talent

Once again, the Northern Voice juggernaut is cranking into action. Canada’s first blogging social media conference is back for its seventh eighth(!) year. And [gasp], I’ve been lucky enough to have been one of the organizers the whole time. A catchphrase comes to mind…

A few significant changes this year. For the first time, we leave the warm embrace of UBC for the W2 Community Media Arts space in downtown Vancouver. W2 is a very dynamic location, and I think this less formal environment will add a welcome energy to the event. There are heaps of food and drink options nearby, so we won’t be catering lunches, which will hopefully mean we can drop our already cheap reg-fee (we’re still crunching the budget).

As ever, the conference is only as good as the people, so I hope the evidently gifted readership of this blog will consider adding some mojo to a session. You can offer proposals via our dead easy submission form. Deadline is April 1st — no fooling.  If you have a pet idea, a wild passion, an idea too crazy for any other conference, this is the event for you. And please forward this call to anyone you think would enjoy and add to the vibe.

And never forget, the Moose throws a kickin’ party… or so I’ve been told.

2 thoughts on “The Moose is hunting for talent

  1. Nancy, that’s great to hear. You were sorely missed last year!

    We do hope to bring Moose Camp along, and you can bet we will be in touch regarding your kind offer.

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