Workshop: Public Domain and Creative Commons resources

A workshop I am co-facilitating next week: Finding Alternative Resources: Public Domain and Creative Commons Dec 12, 2011 – 1:00pm – 3:00pm Irving K. Barber Learning Centre – Lillooet Room, 301 This session is intended to address common questions concerning “freely licensed” materials for scholarship and teaching. Some of these questions will include: What is […]

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Once was relevant

So Michael Wesch has a new snazzy video out, presumably about to go viral… it’s got that Wesch video vibe: Ever alert, D’Arcy noticed a disreputable source on the web-browser bookmark-bar… snapped by Dean: Pretty sure this item is to a post in which I linked to a wonderful 2006 John Willinsky lecture that features […]

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“You can have information, or you can have a life. But you can’t have both”

From Douglas Coupland’s latest novel, Player One: “Information overload triggered a crisis in the way people saw their lives. It sped up the we locate, cross-reference, and focus the questions that define our essence, our roles – our stories. The crux seems to be our lives stopped being stories. And if we are no longer […]

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¿El Paréntesis de Gutenberg?

PG from marabales on Vimeo. I can’t express how excited I am to be heading to Buenos Aires for this week’s seminar ¿El Paréntesis de Gutenberg?, which is essentially a week-long investigation into how digital media is transforming communication and culture. (I’m depending somewhat on my shaky knowledge of Spanish there…) I was invited by […]

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Abierto o cerrado?

Photo by Novak Rogic – click image for more awesome pics from the week Coming off of an intense and mind-spinning week in my favorite city of Barcelona, which I barely saw this time due to the full-on doubled-down conference action at Open Ed 2010 and the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival. A few of my highlights: […]

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