Clusterfun Nations

A truly horrifying story screaming off the home page of the New York Times this morning: Syria Unleashes Cluster Bombs on Town, Punishing Civilians: Many forms of violence and hardship have befallen Syria’s people as the country’s civil war has escalated this year. But the Syrian government’s attack here on Dec. 12 pointed to one […]

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Nice to know it’s still there

An unusual flurry of blogging here at Abject (mostly attributable to the revitalizing effects of the Bava Bounce) has prompted some deserved teasing from a few online pals. But the modest investment of time on four posts this week (two of which involved no writing on my part) has certainly reaped an astonishing haul in […]

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“a particular innovation feel…”

Reality shared CC by nualabugeye [Malcolm] Gladwell was quickly picked up by Bill Leigh, whose Leigh Bureau handles many of the journalist-lecturers of the aughts wave. Asked what bookers require from his journalist clients, Bill Leigh simply says, “The takeaway. What they’re getting is that everyone hears the same thing in the same way.” The […]

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Shark envy

More Paul Lake gif-fy goodness from the Noise Professor (following up on Keira and the shark): Harry was delighted to see this (only a day after he ambushed me with that snowball), as you might have guessed: It didn’t take long for Zack to run through that opening: Dexter is Jealous shared CC by NoiseProfessor Update: […]

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