Mr. Powerblog and the dismal swamp

Apparently trying to channel some of that Howard Dean politico-blog mojo, now our Canadian Prime-Minister-in-Waiting (for about ten years now) has a blog, too. PM-to-be Paul Martin offers befuddled newbies a definition of the blog: No, it’s not a swamp creature. It’s a term used to describe an internet trend that has exploded over the […]

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Jism on those Blue Suede Shoes

About ten years ago I remember reading Neil Strauss’s awe-inspiring anthology Radiotext(e) with a palpable sense of longing… somewhere, beyond the reach of my radio antenna in Saskatoon there were unimaginably cool aural epics being transmitted into the ether. It seemed unimaginably remote and exotic to a culturally-deprived prairie boy. Winding my way up and […]

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