Stephen Downes’s recently wrote a post on the great rebranding of MOOCs, arguing “MOOCs were not designed to serve the missions of the elite colleges and universities. They were designed to undermine them, and make those missions obsolete.” It clearly struck a nerve with a lot of people I know, generating a remarkable amount of […]

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I’ve taken the pledge

Yet another dose of goodness from David Kernohan, reproduced in full: Every blog post I read, every tweeted link I see, every breathless gushing article about “tsunamis” and “disruption” I flick past is a nail in the coffin of rational and realistic debate about the way connected technology can support learning. Every sturm und drang […]

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Am I still an edu-blogger?

Identity Crisis Much? shared CC by bxho I work at a university. I feel truly fortunate to have such a rewarding and stimulating job. I get blissfully lost thinking about the interconnections between knowledge, ignorance, media, culture, power and freedom at all sorts of inappropriate times. I believe that how we can meaningfully investigate, learn […]

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