Mock (MOOC?) movie trailer, Art + Reconciliation keeps rolling


It’s almost impossible to keep up with the blur of amazing work coming out of the Reconsidering Reconciliation artist residencies these past few weeks. I just had to share this hilarious one-minute trailer for Reconsidering Reconciliation: The Movie

From the ed techie perspective, I must again sing the praises of Alan Levine, who has constructed a syndicated multi-faceted space which has performed beautifully for rMooc.

Along those lines, I’m also compelled to post a link to this wonderful piece by Justin Reich, reflecting on the similar environment that Alan worked on for Harvard’s Project Zero:

Somewhere a few months ago, it hit me that we needed to stop trying to solve the problem with an LMS. We were using our LMS to pull lots of content into a single place where it could be organized, searched, and curated, but an LMS isn’t the only (or even a good) way to do this synthesis. (Everyone involved in creating a MOOC, please re-read that last sentence.) Inspired by the work that Connectivist educators have done with cMOOCs over the last 5 years, particularly by the incredible learning experiences created by the ds106 crew at the University of Mary Washington, I thought we might experiment by solving our problems with a syndication engine rather than a walled garden.

…In the case of the Future of Learning Institute, this pedagogical vision of a networked learning environment aligns much better with our learning goals than the instructionist, content-delivery focused, Thorndikian assumptions built into the typical LMS. We don’t really need to disseminate content; we need to empower participants to produce and share their own content.

Looking at the Project Zero Future of Learning Institute site, I see a lot of the same elements that are helping rMooc roll on so fludily. A space which serves as “a real-time highlight reel of the learning”, and like Justin Reich I’m “incredibly excited about the possibility of “Connectivist-inspired, syndication-based learning environments”. Having worked with Alan through the process, I know this framework can be readily extended across all sorts of contexts, and I can’t wait to prove it in the coming months.

5 thoughts on “Mock (MOOC?) movie trailer, Art + Reconciliation keeps rolling

  1. Thanks Brian for bringing me in, this was a tremendous project to support- Ashok did a masterful job in creating content, media, and communicating. I was able to leverage the work on Justin’s project, but it was fun to cast this into a more media rich site.

    This is due an extensive writeup on my blog about how it was put together, coming soon to a blog near me.

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