Abuse Cage

J Cage – tapa shared CC by maulurizen I was sent this fantastic video by my friend and TRU co-conspirator Irwin: It took me a while to place the voice, but of course it’s John Cage. I’m reminded of a day more than a decade ago, when I was working as a “course development researcher” […]

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I go there

Catching up on my RSS feeds, I enjoyed reading this post by Darren Barefoot about the “restricted cat” (or cougar), an oddly innocuous and kid-sweet warning about impending adult-only content: Watching that cute pre-picture cat reminded me of when we lived in Hermosillo, Mexico in the late 90’s. We went to a lot of movies […]

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the pirate bay conspiracy, shared CC by narghee-la A crony sent me notice of this talk happening next week here at UBC: Adrian Johns: “The Intellectual Property Defense Industry and the Crisis of Information” October 20, 2011 – 5:00pm; Dodson Room (302) I. K. Barber Learning Centre With the rise of the information economy has […]

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The EduGlu Turntablism, Mark II

The EduGlu Turntablism, Mark II, originally uploaded by WFMU. A short follow-up to my post yesterday on the WFMU Fundraising Marathon (which just may be the finest thing I have ever written)… I am pleased to report that for a second year running I have won naming rights to a turntable in the WFMU studios […]

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