RSS is a gateway format…

…or at least this sordid open content pusher can only hope. The first taste is free. And if we do it right, you can continue to feed your info-addiction without coughing up money as well.

We presented our session on distributed content networks a couple hours ago. As usual, I have no sense of how it went over. The attendees refrained from pelting us with rocks and garbage, but didn’t seem all that into it either. Maybe I came on too strong, maybe they were tired from a long day of presentations… And not one person defaced our presentation wiki, even though I more or less begged someone to do so.

Audio here (57:38, 26MB MP3)

Tomorrow, David Wiley kicks off the day.

2 thoughts on “RSS is a gateway format…

  1. You know, if I’m honest I have to acknowledge that part of the audience resistance I encountered was stirred up by my relentless soundtrack pounding out Cannibal Corpse and Venom.

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