Many (too many?)… rivers to cross

I was preparing for tomorrow’s virtual session with Alan, D’Arcy, and Jim, doing a search on CC-licensed stuff in Flickr tagged with “mashup,” when I came across the image above. It wasn’t quite right for the page I ended up assembling. But I like it so much, for so many reasons, I can’t resist sharing it here.

Things are still looking rough around the edges, but I actually think this is going to be a fine session. Better than the write-up in the blurb might suggest. As often happens, the act of putting something together has pushed ourselves to some new places, and I have a feeling we’re going to have some fun tomorrow. If you are available Wed April 25th at 10 AM PST, 1 PM EST I do hope you’ll join us.

3 thoughts on “Many (too many?)… rivers to cross

  1. Oh My God! I can’t believe how I just discovered your fantastic blog! I’m Beth Kanter of Beth’s Blog – and that’s my photo. The guy with guitars around his neck is my friend from Austraila, Mike SeyFang – who I never met, but is also interested in remixing, cc, and some things. That photo came out of a blog discussion we were having remixing issues – how some creative commons licensing is more restrictive. We entered it into the CC Swag contest … however, my other photo won.

    Anyway, I love the mashup page you created. I have been developing training materials for people to learn how to do and LOVE remixing. People as in nonprofits who are sort of resistant.

    I also did a training for Extension professionals on the ten steps of Web2.0 which included a step about remixing content.

    You’ll find a link to my 50th Birthday Flickr Photo Remix Contest – and you’ll note that Alan was the winner!

    Small world ..

    off to blog about your cool mashup page and add your blog to my reader.

  2. Beth, I only recently discovered your work myself — via Alan, I think. Anyhow, goes to show how big this blogosphere was gotten, even while harboring these small world effects, when great work like yours takes so long to filter into my consciousness.

    Thank you for providing the context on this image. With my various deadlines I had placed looking into that on my to-do list. And you know, the more I look at it, the more I like it.

    Thanks for the encouraging words — I’ll keep reading and clicking.

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