Adventures in euphemism

The recent normalization of torture in our public discourse has offered up some wonderful perversions of the language, as our journalists, perhaps out of a sense of propriety and good manners, can’t quite bring themselves to use the “T” word. So we read of interrogations spiced up with adjectives like “rough”, “coercive”, “aggressive” and of […]

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Everything new is old again

levon helm in central park, originally uploaded by daniel arnold!. One of things I find most valuable and satisfying about blogging is throwing together some half-baked thoughts on whatever is on my mind, and then watching as people come in to elaborate, to affirm or to disagree, and most importantly to make trivial musings seem […]

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Like a lead balloon…

There was a time in my life when the prospect of Led Zeppelin reuniting would have been a ticket to rock and roll heaven for me, and while that time has past I hope for everyone concerned that tonight’s show goes well. Morbid curiosity may prod me into checking the NME’s blog every now and […]

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Facebook privacy basics…

[Image above taken from one of many misguided initiatives as social networking enters its cash-in cycle…] Nothing I intend to post here will be news to people who have been following the Facebook privacy saga. Facebook’s behaviour could be described as standard operating procedure in Web 2.0 these days, free services are paid for with […]

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Because I love you, abject reader…

…here’s some tunage from a group that effortlessly sounds both traditional and cutting-edge all at once, Big Blood: Video via echoplanar productions. More on Big Blood via Scott Williams on the WFMU blog. The post also includes two tracks that may be downloaded and shared via a Creative Commons license. Incidentally, WFMU is presently at […]

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