Values are (im)mutable

So today OLT had its monthly departmental meeting, and as part of it engaged in a World Cafe dialogue on what our “values” as a unit might be… I’ll be honest, the sounds of something like this usually brings out the McNulty in me, but I had a good time. It helped that the session […]

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Making ‘The Shining’

I more or less stumbled onto this fascinating short film directed by Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian. It’s not a terribly original sentiment to consider Kubrick as a favorite filmmaker, but he is a figure I hold in almost singular esteem. I’ve read a couple of books recently about how he put his films together, both […]

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Who needs P2P filesharing?

I’ve marveled over the past year at a mutation from the traditional MP3 Blog format that I’ve posted on previously…  the emerging genre of usually-anonymous blogs that post entire albums, usually via file hosting services such as RapidShare. Typically, these sites seem to be the work of hardcore music nuts who are digitizing their rarest […]

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