Site advisory – reboot required

Greetings. I’ve been advised that this site has been hacked. I don’t think there is anything too horribly dangerous, just some spam links on the top of pages. But having failed miserably in figuring out a surgical approach to fixing the problem, I think I will export my old content, kill the install, then start […]

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A Day for Learning

Since starting at TRU, I’ve particularly enjoyed collaborating and scheming with our Dean of Students Chris Adam, and Director of Instructional Design Irwin Devries. For some time we’ve been talking about a sort of gathering to reframe and refocus our efforts to enhance the learning environment at our university. What I love about working with […]

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It also freezes over

I thought I would give anyone who still follows this blog a little shock and throw up a quick post. When I accepted the new gig at TRU, it was in the hopes that the comically-vague title of “Director, Innovation” would lead to more time for exploration, research and writing. So far it has not […]

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