Personal, Institutional, Global

The first UBC Wiki shared CC-BY by MrGluSniffer Leigh Blackall offered up some interesting feedback to my previous post on Tina Loo’s Wikipedia work. Lightly edited version: Somehow, I want to understand why the majority of teachers struggle to accept the suggestion to use the wikis in this way. Even in the edtech world – […]

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More Wikipedia Course Grooviness

I’ve written many times about Jon Beasley-Murray’s awe-inspiring work with Wikipedia in his courses. I’ve always hoped that this approach could be applied more widely, so when Dr. James Heilman, another UBC Wikipedian, offered to hook us up with the Wikipedia Education Program (WEP), I was enthused. Last fall, we had a very well-attended session […]

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Just follow the crumbs (journey into incredible open educational content architecture)

On those many occasions when petty discouragements threaten to send me into a tailspin of recrimination and despair, I turn to a remedy that nearly always sets me right. I merely have to glance at the “Recent Changes” index on the UBC Wiki to be surprised and heartened by how people at our university are […]

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UBC Wiki Content – To Go

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Merrick Brown The UBC Wiki just keeps scaling new heights. For some time, every content page of the UBC Wiki has featured a link on the bottom-left sidebar for the “embed code” for that page’s content – the same functionality that works so well […]

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