Bags of Gold

Digital Storytelling shared CC by giulia.forsythe I am looking forward to seeing what form these words will take next… — Jabiz Raisdana We ripped this off on the improvised first take, fueled by @draggin’s awesome Ukrainian cuisine, @keiramc’s homebrewed ale, and not only did @grantpotter lead the way on guitar, he built those analog synths […]

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Great Animated GIFs of Science

This little looping movie of a sinuous nematode seems nearly the perfect marriage of format and subject: the winking, primitive, robust genre of the animated GIF; an ancient, simple, vermiform specimen of multicellular life. It’s as if C. elegans had swum down through the aeons to intersect with an image-making format precisely engineered to express […]

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A star-crossed romance lurches into embittered isolated loneliness

Broken Heart of Social Media shared CC by WebRanking Pictures Sometime over the past couple years, the archives of the UBC e-Strategy Newsletter were pulled offline, the victim of re-organization. Apparently it was deemed unworthy of preservation. The vanishing newsletter hardly counts as a tragic loss as a collection of timeless prose, but as someone […]

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