A brief note on the current theme…

Sin casas

So I have not really settled on how this new space should look… I’ve played with some of the newer and bolder themes, and they just don’t seem right. What I may have to accept is that I am not a designer, I am a blogger… and this blog is going to look bloggy.

I’ve slightly tricked out the default Twenty Ten theme, and for the first time in many years have moved a few steps away from a basically minimalist, whitespace-heavy aesthetic. Both the banner image and the background image are drawn from this photo, taken on a walk toward La Boca, Buenos Aires (as is the graffiti nameplate on the top of the sidebar).

I was in Buenos Aires (with Keira for once) for ¿El Paréntesis de Gutenberg? seminar, and it is with shame I acknowledge I have yet to blog that unforgettable experience. Hopefully in the near future I will get a few posts out on the immense effect that week had on my thinking about media, learning, language and how I practice my profession. This was not just another conference, and my silence has been because it’s so hard to capture the wildness into words.

I’m also a bit uneasy with this blog theme imagery because I’m obviously not a Porteño, and I hope this approach represents my admiration for that fantastic city, and not an appropriation of its vibe. One of the things I loved most about Buenos Aires was the endless parade of street art and graffiti …Along those lines, I suggest you check something out from JuLito Alonso (one of the many cool people I met that week), who maintains this great blog about BA street art: La pared pintada. (Google-Translated into English)

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