A bunch of sell-outs… and our keynote

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Northern Voice Poster FINAL DESIGN, originally uploaded by basco5.

Once again, Northern Voice has met our attendance targets. You can add your name to our waitlist wiki. We also have a small number of openings for the Friday Moose Camp, which this year will be augmented by a series of Internet Bootcamp Sessions for those attendees who would like introductions to various aspects of social media.

Did I mention that our keynote speaker will be WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg? I fear this development may trigger a relapse for the friends of Jim G. over at WordPress Anonymous.

6 thoughts on “A bunch of sell-outs… and our keynote

  1. What a coup! Awesome news about Matt Mullenweg. You NV folks are the real deal. By the way, I am checking myself into a detox as I write this, hopefully I’ll be clean and sober by game time.

  2. I’m looking forward to Alex-Waterhouse Hayward’s talk at NV this year, it looks interesting. I like his old school viewpoint on blogs. 🙂
    Is there really a Tiki dinner this year? Will it be yummy?

  3. Patricia, unlike last year we aren’t making the food for the opening night party. Boris and the other chefs enjoyed pulling last year’s dinner together, but in combination with the actual conference stuff it nearly killed them. So I can only hope the food will be yummy, and that the sight of a roast pig on a spit won’t be too awful for our vegetarian attendees.

  4. The organizer thought that the vegetarians should be able to grid themselves, but I think the roast pig on the spit might be too startling for me personally (seeing it’s face n’all). 8-o
    Thanks for the warning….

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