Abject apologies…

So if it ain’t trying to keep up with grading, or the annual grant writing frenzy, it’s something else… I’m having enough trouble keeping up with email. And I won’t even get into the local boil-water advisories and Vancouver’s annual crippling snowstorm (which pushed this morning’s bus commute to nearly three hours — thankfully I had hours of Bob and Ray and In Our Time loaded on the MP3 player).

I have a few posts lined up in my mental queue, but they are all of the goofy variety, and lately I’ve struggled to keep the TFI (Total Freakin’ Inanity) quotient below fifty per cent. Ironically, this may be the post that tips the blog balance into sheer pointlessness, which may prove to be liberating in a way.

3 thoughts on “Abject apologies…

  1. I think this is hilarious! It is the time of the year! Just crazy! I have to work hard to keep my sanity too and right when I thought I had it under control – the 34 computers my school won walked in the door. Instant headache!

    I hope you feel liberated! This is hilarious!

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