Agency and Algorithms

Our terms…

I really don’t know what to think…


It seemed so promising…

The promise of “small pieces, loosely joined

UBC blogs, wiki

In those optimistic times, I viewed FIPPA as bureaucratic security theatre:



Maybe I didn’t fully appreciate what we were dealing with…

YouTube kids
Facebook wants your nudes
Facebook Nazis
State of journalism
Unregulated, not understood – law, NSA



Meanwhile, in learning technology…

“Personalized” learning
“Automatic” grading
NGDLE – the “zen-like emptiness

Audrey Watters, “Education Technology and ‘Fake News‘”:

School hasn’t changed in 100 yearsHalf of American colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 yearsHalf of high school classes will be taught online by 201965% of primary school students will end up in jobs that don’t exist yetThe college lecture is dyingFlying cars are coming, and you’ll be able to get a nanodegree from Udacity in the subject by 2018Self-driving cars for everyoneThermal imaging can now tell how hard you’re thinkingWe can monitor students’ brainwaves to see if they’re sufficiently “engaged” in class. Virtual reality will be used to teach empathyVR will revolutionize educationSecond Life will revolutionize educationKhan Academy will revolutionize education. And on and on and on and on and on and on.


Passivity – via Martha Burtis
Passivity – via Anne-Marie Scott










Towards Openness: Safety in Online Learning











Digital Sanctuary




Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers

Yes, digital literacy… but which one?


When assessing articles about bullying on the websites of the American Academy of Pediatrics (“the Academy”) and the American College of Pediatricians (“the College”).

Lateral Reading: Reading Less and Learning More When Evaluating Digital Information





Lawyering in the 21st Century

Apps for Access to Legal Justice



Containing the Future of OER” – Jim Groom


Platform CooperativismOurs to Hack and to Own


Sketch by Bryan Mathers

Open ETC… Made in BC –

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