Crossing the streams

As I have blogged elsewhere, this past year I have added “sustainability education” to my already comically broad set of professional interests. It has been a rewarding experience so far, lots of fun, if humbling at times (moving into a rich field in which I have no formal training whatsoever).

I’ve long thought there are some natural links between the concepts of “open education” and “sustainability”, though when pressed to articulate them I begin to feel those connections unravel. And thus far I have not managed to synthesize these elements in my work at UBC.

So I was delighted that, in addition to providing some logistical support for the Sustainable Campuses NOW! conference happening at UBC this weekend, I have also been asked to lead a workshop on “Social Media and Communication” for some of the attendees.

I couldn’t be happier or more excited to spend some time with campus activists from across the country, and I do feel reasonably confident talking social media. That said, I don’t expect this audience will need much time going over the basics (check out this site from local maven Alexandria Mitchell), and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to push beyond my limits. I am hoping to create a workshop structure that allows for a co-construction of a set of strategies, tools and networks that we will all benefit from having.

That said, if you happen to know of any good models of that mesh social media and sustainability education, or good activity structures that will capture the knowledge in the room… Or if you have any pertinent experiences you’d care to share, I would be keenly interested.

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