Gene Simmons is in an OLPC advert, and I need to reboot my network

I happened to see this tonight in the course of watching the most predictably clichéd “sex, drugs, and rock and roll in the sixties” documentary ever broadcast on TV. I suppose it’s alarming I did that in a room by myself on a Saturday night. Please don’t worry.

But again, Gene Simmons in a One Laptop Per Child commercial. And it was uploaded two years ago. I take some pride in following a solid network of savvy and culturally sophisticated online educators. I’m certain that if any of them had shared this, I would have noticed. And I would think that if any person’s collective network should be expected to detect The Demon’s alliance with OLPC, it would have been mine.

The most substantial coverage I can find is from KISSopolis. I don’t want to go there for my open educational technology news.

I need to rethink how I am approaching all this. I’m obviously doing it wrong.

The video is for an OLPC Canada project intended to “[enhance] education for Aboriginal youth with technological tools designed for creative, innovative, self-empowered learning.” This is the first I’ve seen of the project, I certainly endorse those objectives. I hope the project is immensely beneficial to Aboriginal youth.


The project is funded by the Belinda Stronach Foundation. Stronach had an eventful career in politics, so when I learned of her involvement I immediately wondered if she had something to do with Simmons’s appearance. Apparently, they had indeed “teamed up” years ago in a Canadian music industry start-up.

4 thoughts on “Gene Simmons is in an OLPC advert, and I need to reboot my network

    1. Ain’t singing for Andrew
      Ain’t signing for Thrun
      Won’t sing for VC funding
      Makes me feel like a dud

      This MOOC…
      This MOOC…
      This MOOC…
      This MOOC’s for you!

  1. I am happier when I find things my network has not signaled my way. It reinforces my notion that the information space feels infinite. If everything has been discovered, it leaves no frontier of weirdness.


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