Go hard, or go home

I was turned on to this video via a Tweet from Alec Couros. It may or may not explain the rise of Twitter, but it certainly illustrates that if you bring it hard, the energy can become infectious, and just might create something beautiful…

I intend to bring it hard to TTIX.* Consider yourselves warned, people of Orem, Utah.

BTW, the song is by Santogold, “Unstoppable”… and it is.

Santogold – Unstoppable
Found at skreemr.com

* – yes, I am Poobah-ing

12 thoughts on “Go hard, or go home

  1. Hey Brian – I found you by accident when looking for another Brian Lamb – isn’t the internet a wonderful thing – and watched this video – it’s wonderful – I’ve sent it round today to the Learning Pool team here in Ireland. Your blog is great and I’ll be following you on Twitter – thanks – Mary

  2. BTW Brian (totally unrelated), I’ve never properly thanked you for the tip-off on the DownThemAll plugin for Firefox…I use it every day, and it works so good. FAST, too.

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