I interrupt this hiatus to offer up a recommendation…

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Many probosci make light work, originally uploaded by Max xx.

In case you didn’t know about it, I wanted to plug the next Sustainable Living Arts School event, the Skills and Arts Weekend in Robert’s Creek, August 23 and 24.

These events are always a lot of fun, a good mix of information and activity, and it’s a trip to meet permaculturists and learn from them in their home environments. All in all, a fantastic activity to frame a visit to British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

I’ll be attending the Beekeeping session. Given what we know about the importance of bees for pollination and their alarming decline in population, it strikes me as an essential self-preservation skill.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a backlog to attack.

2 thoughts on “I interrupt this hiatus to offer up a recommendation…

  1. Gary, thanks for the comment, great to discover your blog! I wish I could take a photo this good, but thanks to the wonders of Creative Commons, I can build on the work of others… kind of like a worker bee, maybe…

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