Important Collaborative Research Project — Decent Food in Airports

O.K., not everybody can use this, but it’s important. Dr. Alexander has started up that Airport Restaurant Wiki he floated in a previous post. People who spend too much time in airports know that good eats can restore the will to live at vulnerable moments.

I don’t think we can use that Portuguese place as a benchmark, but if the food is decent, and the experience better than soul-crushing, add it in. (You have to ask Bryan for the password).

The poor fellow is presently stuck in Boston airport. I recall there is a pub (kind of open-space concept, near a gate) that served up a good bowl of chowder when I sorely needed it. If only there was a wiki back then I could have added it to with more specific information! If you know Boston airport, and can help a good man out, why not Twitter him?

In any event, if you travel a lot, spread the word…

2 thoughts on “Important Collaborative Research Project — Decent Food in Airports

  1. Passing through Dallas airport recently, we ate at a great Texas BBQ place near gate A21 (or thereabouts). Oh, the ribs, the brisket … Highly recommended for carnivores. A woman behind us commented that she eats there every time through the airport.

    In Seattle there was also a decent Chinese food spot with very good prices (for airports).

  2. Thanks so much Marc (and welcome back to the Republic of East Van)! I’ll add that Dallas BBQ joint into the wiki — I think the Seattle ref needs more specific info.

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