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A quick note to share my latest excuse for sporadic blogging. Due to a somewhat unexpected resignation, I’ve been asked to serve as the interim Director of Marketing and Communications for TRU Open Learning until a new Director can be found.

This position may seem a little odd given how I usually discuss marketing. And I confess, the brief time I pondered this possibility the same harsh Bill Hicks routine kept running through my head:

But actually, it didn’t take long for me to accept the opportunity. This is because…

  • sometimes I am just willfully perverse.
  • I’m sure I will learn a great deal about things I am wholly ignorant about right now.
  • the Marketing and Communication (MARCOM) team here is made up of clearly intelligent, charming and hip people. I feel like I need a fashion intervention, but other than that I like interacting with the team a great deal.
  • it’s not just a marketing and communication team, it’s the web team. This is the group that is responsible for the web here, and they possess a formidable array of skills. [Cue maniacal laughter as I ponder the possibilities.]

So I am hopeful that when this temporary stint ends in a few months I will look on the experience as worthwhile, and that others on the MARCOM team and the organization as a whole won’t feel too differently.

That said, this first week was an absolute blur. Budgets and expenditures that seem massive compared to anything I’ve managed before, a flood of new committees and responsibilities… and I still am expected to keep my existing “innovation” portfolio rolling. There were a couple evenings this week I came home and was pretty much a heaping drooling wreck. And there are a couple of key pieces to this gig with so many moving parts and potential pitfalls I really am not sure how best to proceed…

But for all my reflexive doom-mongering, I maintain an irrepressible, bordering on giddy sense of possibility here. The lines are fuzzy, but I can see an emerging picture of a truly unique and special place of learning coming together here in the British Columbia interior…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m pouring a beverage and heading out to watch the ice melt, it’s about all I’m good for at the end of this week…

Watch the ice melt

9 thoughts on “Improbable

  1. Zack – Did I hire you? Huh, not how I remember it, but maybe I am capable of great things. Or getting very very lucky.

    Alan – nice remix on that comment.

    David – hopefully we’ll have some goodness up this autumn here in any event.

    Pat – we’d be lucky to have you. And yeah, that is the deck of the pace we’ve been living. Never do tire of that view. And we just learned that we won’t have to leave Paul Lake at the end of May as we feared… looks like we will be able to stay in another place through the summer. Big relief, the thought of leaving just when the weather got hot was hard to take.

  2. you find answers when you don’t look for them, hope is in unexpected places!
    corrupt them quickly and you are up for the ride!

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