The ineffable enigmas of existence are no puzzle to Canada’s ruling class

An Albertan politician gets existential, and in doing so succinctly and accurately summarizes where Canada’s political leadership sees value in our citizens’ lives:

“…the only reason we exist is for the resources around us. If you take away the resources, there is no reason for us to exist.”

Sometimes the priorities, policies and actions of our country’s leaders seem baffling. But it’s not so complicated, we are on this planet to extract resources from the earth. Our lives serve no other purpose. The meaning of life is very simple. Keep that truth in mind, and it all makes perfect sense.

What seems like precious, fragile, delightful and improbable existence is an illusion, thinking about it self-indulgent and anti-social philosophizing. We have a job to do.

* Header image tarsands-redux-71 shared on Flickr by Kris Krug under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license

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